Conversation Sitearm Madonna Madhavi Linden Success Stories Second Life 09-07-2007

Highlights from conversation today with Madhavi Linden who in the last two months began working with Glenn Linden to support Second Life Developers.

“Second life is the America of Virtual Worlds platforms.”

“Being an independent consultant who builds a network of independent designers who collaborate on groundbaking projects.”

Sustainable means ‘lasts a long time’; net positive energy means, ‘return exceeds investment’, not just in money, but in energy, enthusiasm, satisfaction, service and growth.”

“Second Life offers a vision of individual freedom and creative expression that can be used to create a living that has ‘heart’ .. a ‘path with heart’.”

“Never forget that business is still an inspirational ART.”

“Individuals are as important as Corporations when it comes to investing in SL.”

“You have to KEEP innovating cos people and companies ‘catch up’.”

“Second Life can stay in the lead because of having a) given Intellectual Property rights, b) tied $ Linden Dollars to $ US Dollars and thus all currencies, c) realized that the social side is equally important to the physics side.. not MORE important, but AS important :)”

“The biggest challenge today in America and the world is becoming proficient at business without losing your individual vision.” 

“In the end it is going to be Intellectual Property and Micro Transactions that enable meeting this challenge.”

“To be ‘sustainable’ you have to keep hiring and training new people as experienced people move on.

“Event production is both a design challenge and a bit*h. And it’s undervalued.”

“Second Life is right up there with the social interaction enablers.”

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