marketing media and visuals

“Ultimately, the attribute that sealed the success of the LP in the popular market had little to do with its expanded capacity or its improved sound quality… LP’s were the first records to be sold in foot-square cardboard jackets faced with glossy cover art… This allowed them to be prominently displayed… [and] to be advertised as recognizable products in newspapers and magazines… The LP cover… [provided] photographs, biographical information, and promotional copy. On the most basic level, it put a face to the sound of a singer’s voice.” p. 147

“Among the hippies, the quality of life in their fledgling communities was being threatened by the combined forces of drug enforcement and drug crime, while the integrity of their newfound utopian visions was being compromised by the co-optive power of an American consumer economy that had the capacity to turn almost anything, even psychedelic bohemianism, into a mass market phenomenon.” p. 459

“As the Beatles had discovered… the addition of cameras generated a narrative pressure that cried out for some form of climax.” p. 595

Can’t Buy Me Love: The Beatles, Britain, and America; Jonathan Gould, 2007


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