“…we have geological records of similar mass global water risings in the past – specifically in the years 15000 B.C., 10500 B.C. and 6500 B.C.

“The flood of 15000 B.C. is believed to have been the giant oceanic movement that flooded the Persian Gulf; while the flood of 10500 B.C. is widely acknowledged ad the ‘Great Flood’ mentioned in religious texts world wide: Noah’s flood in the Bible, the floods mentioned in ancient Sumerian texts; even the Australian aborigines refer to a Great Flood in their Dreamtime folklore.

“The most recent global flood, that of 6500 B.C., broadly correlates with the worldwide episode of water rise known as the Flandrian transgression, where entire coastlines were submerged by about seventy feet.”

 7 Deadly Wonders, Matthew Reilly, 2006


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