“The ancient peoples believed in deities that could be evil and uncertain; few modern societies do. The ancients, for all their lack of technological knowledge, were far wiser. Assuming there are deities, exactly why should they be benevolent?” p. 31
“While there is doubtless great relief in surrendering one’s destiny to a deity, it’s the coward’s way out.” p. 34
“Deities are invented by fallible and finite beings in the hope and desire to create immortal perfection;; unfortunately, such deities only reflect their creators and inspire their followers to similar imperfections.” p. 213
“Human religions are based upon the twin assumptions that physical corporeality is a weakness and that an intelligent noncorporeal deity would provide superior guidance. Both assumptions are wrong.” p. 263
“Following another to his or her heaven is a journey to hell.” p. 325

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