Tony Moore

Tony Moore – Song Writer, Performer, Manager, MC – UK Outstanding Music Manager, UK Best Pub and Club; MC Let’s Talk Music;

Through my work with Ham Rambler’s Dublin Virtually Live, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know and work with a master musician and musician manager. His name’s Tony Moore and his passion is music and musicians.

Among his many achievements he’s been recognized for UK Outstanding Music Manager and UK Best Pub and Club. He runs live music gigs four-five nights a week in London and finds, features, and promotes new and established artists relentlessly. He’s MC for Let’s Talk Music and Music Manager for The Bedford.

Tony’s quite innovative. As a former Physics Major, I appreciate Tony as the only MC I know who can tell Quantum Mechanics Jokes and make them work o_O.

Tony did a wonderful “command performance” for the Linden Lab Solution Provider Conference held June 2009 in virtual reality. Tony’s song, Everything’s OK, is brilliant and he’s given permission to post it to be heard with the rest of the concert here:

Thanks, Tony!


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