When You’re Not A Natural Networker

Some people are Natural Networkers. “Working a room,” they can blow into a crowd of 100 people and say “hi” to each and every one of them within thirty minutes and be gone – and still leave each person feeling special and connected to. Works great for fund-raising too ;)

Alas, for those of us who are not natural networkers and strain to make party talk, what do we do?! I’ve found one trick: BETWEEN the times I need to talk to people for work stuff, I occasionally send them a short IM, “Just saying hi, don’t want anything, Hi!” My sister sends really good humor emails about every other week. Either way, when you get these you remember, “Oh yeh, I know them!”, but don’t feel obligated to do anything.

OK so it’s not as subtle as being a natural networker, but it works. My mother was what I’d call a “semi-natural” networker, she liked people and she liked to connect, but it was a bit awkward for her. It never stopped her: she developed her techniques and they worked. It’s another reason she was a great connector and leader and my hero ;)

So, are you a natural networker? What do yOU do? ;) Site


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