Best Of The Worst?

This is a bit of a rant but it’s bothered me for AGES: “the best of the best of the best!!!!” syndrome.

TBOT as I’ll call it for short is the seeming necessity to find THE BEST of everything and to discard the rest. As a convenient shorthand in conversation I can buy it. “Oh Marge I had the BEST hairdo at Cuts R Us you should try them!” That works…

But… “Product/Movie/Book ABC is by far the BEST of the breed of all possible transglomenators in the WORLD and by the by WATCH THIS MY COLUMN for the NEXT new best of breed.” That just winds me up.

In a world of infinity all are best. Proof? Take all the things that are NOT best and line them up by order of worstness… the worst of this list is by definition the best of the worst so it’s a best and can’t be on the worst list. Meaningless? Yep. Just like Best lists!

As long as you show me multiple BEST lists and I understand what they looked at (and didn’t) and how they ranked it, I am OK with them.

In fact there’s even a strategy – of every 100 things to rank, test the first 37 and then pick the next one that ranks at least as high or higher then the highest in the first 37. Now THERE’s a way to deal with an infinity of things!

*ends rant*

p.s. this is the best rant I’ve ever written!


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