Social Networking & Online Giving

Attended a well-done information seminar by eTapestry this week on social networking and online giving tools.

Top-ranked-by-use social networking tools include
1. Google
2. Yahoo

3. Facebook
4. YouTube
5. MySpace

14. Twitter

I use all these (though Yahoo by virtue of DSL more than online). I was surprised LinkedIn was not there. I think the main difference is LinkedIn is considered “niche” social media, specializing in professional connections. So Facebook is when you get ‘personal’ (though now they’ve added the option to have pages for your company or organization). I am going to look at Facebook further now.

An interesting suggestion was to post YouTube Testimonials – that many find these heart-reaching.

Regarding online giving to not-for-profit enterprises, eTapestry is a superb cost-effective package in the US, UK, Canada, Australia. I am assuming there are similar in Europe and Asia but don’t know for sure.

eTapestry is now merged with big sister, Raiser’s Edge (get it?) for not-for-profit online fundraising tools. RE is for enterprises big enough to have their own server farms.

The “tool set recipe” for an effective online giving program is:
    Web Site
    Data Base
    Email / Communications
    Social Media Presence
    Continuous Evaluation
+ Fun                                  
= USD/EU !

Our presenter, Tyler Hermon, was superb. Responsive to all questions and diverse audience.


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