Artist of Organization

latte image A friend asked me today what was my one-line job title. I said I was an Artist of Organization. Stunned, they fled for their life. Nah, actually, they just said, hmm interesting.

Everyone knows organization is boring (ok a bit of hyperbole but not that far off). Everyone also knows that, without organization, things often fail. When I organize whole-heartedly, I organize well. But often I’m more half-hearted about it.

How to make organization more, well, sexy? More attractive, more fun? I’ve been in projects where we had parties while we organized. I’ve learned Facilitation Jujitsu (aka Meeting Self Defense) to keep organization meetings focused, effective and light whether I’m leading them or not. What if you have to organize something where there’s not even a team with whom to crack wise?

One response is to approach it as an art or design challenge. (For me, having a limited life span is a design challenge.)

Some reading this will react, what’s the big deal I organize all the time. Some reading this will not even be able to see it. I’m in the middle ground, the Occasional Organizer.

So… solutions anyone? :)


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