Models Vs. Lies Vs. …

shadow poster What’s right with this picture?

For that matter, what’s wrong with it? The answer to both questions is, “it depends”.

For example, the image of the Sun implies that East or West is to the right, contrary to the “N” north symbol. Or is the Sun indicating an artificial indoor light, in which case it’s OK?

Or maybe the “N” stands for “Neugefunden” not “North”. Or maybe that’s not a cylinder and its shadow. Maybe there should be a shadow shown for the “N Arrow”? Maybe the stick is at the South Pole where every direction is North?

The point is, diagrams and images and maps (oh my!) are never exact reflections of the material objects or concepts they can represent. My friend Chuck Gray used to say, “All Models Are Lies; Some Are Useful”. My friend Bette Tiago used to say, “To INTJ’s, Reality Is Arbitrary.”

Is any of this right, or wrong? Hmm… it depends… (and what the heck is an INTJ?!)


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