Houston “Up Experience” 2009

the-up-experience-logo-trans Went to the Houston “Up Experience” yesterday and it was even better than last year’s. A few highlights…

Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco – his first time in Houston and as a guest speaker – super observations on implementing practical “green” in a city – a passionate advocate of state-of-the-art cities

Brené Brown, PhD – researcher on (I am not making this up) shame with brilliant insights about what shame really is (we all have it except for psychopaths) and how to deal with it usefully

Dr. Robert Ballard dude! a real sea explorer, the one whose team found the Titanic, a heck of a nice guy and totally plugged into state-of-the-art electronics and “telepresence” and the future

Anne Korin – the most brilliant breakdown of what real “oil independence” is and how to get there (think common table salt – which used to be a strategic commodity the world fought wars over)

Dr. Dan Ariely – all the speakers “sneak up” on you with impact – this guy rocks – the art and science of cheating of all things – nice red shoes too!

Peter Diamandis, M.D. – what can I say, the Nobel Prize is passé – “the X-Prize” program is up and running and already got us a space plane into low earth orbit totally privately funded – bye bye NASA!

Bruce Lipton, PhD. – sweet mercy and I thought I was a prisoner of my genes – this guy has the creds for science but is like spiritualistic (shh… don’t tell anyone I’m into both too!)

Patti Maes – a hot MIT professor chick with accent to die for and adoring team of graduate students making geeky gadgets connecting internet to body accessories – dial a phone number on your fingers!

Tomasz Tunguz – a soft spot in my heart for this young gentleman he makes me think of my son – all about social networks and bottom line – and a fan of Where The Wild Things Are – so cuUUTE!


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