Is Privacy Gone?

an_spam_wall Speaker Tomasz Tunguz stated as almost a throwaway response to a question at the recent Houston Up Experience  that, privacy is dead. As a former Google product manager and up and coming IT youngster in his twenties, his perspective is breathtaking.

Privacy is dead in that you can find your name and address online. And your history and lord knows your foibles. Oh sure the African and Australian outback areas don’t have wireless internet and dedicated record entry yet – but cell phones are likely to cover the world even faster and better than laptops will.

If privacy is dead what will politicians do? Company officers? Leading local community lights? And if schools are trying to give six-year olds criminal records what can anyone do not to have some blotch on their (for real) Permanent Online Record?

Is privacy gone? Have you had the shock of finding your house pictured on Google Map?; your address on the Internet?; your EZTag records of your automobile trips a matter of public record? If privacy IS gone what have we lost? Can we be indifferent to it? Is it possible to hide? What’s an introvert to do…


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