Connecting The Bits

tao symbols three 1. War
2. Keeping Your Word
3. Meaning(lessness) Of Life
4. Bourgeois & Michele Foucault
5. Loving Children Vs. Kin
6. Being Your Own Person

One argument for War is that it gives meaning, importance, direction, mission; without which, some say, humans lose purpose and direction and will to live.

Yet great writers caught in War realized the meaning given by War is, well, meaningLESS. Ditto Religion. It’s all made up, they say.

So, aHA, if meaning is made up we can make up our own. Yet we remain unconvinced: It does matter, it doES!

I don’t advocate War yet Comfort and even more, Meaning. Yet I see the traps. Yikes what’s a person to do? I love my children yet I see the traps there too. I want my children to Succeed, I do. Or to figure out what success is and reach it, eh?

I value independent thinking yet I see the traps. Did Buddha figure it out? Did Tao figure it out? Is there anything to figure out? Nothing?

Yikes and argh. Truly I(t) say(s) to you… Do it for No Reason. Enjoy it for No Reason. Propagate or destroy it for No Reason. In the end there is no reason to do or not do what we do. What is there then? Do we stand on the shoulders of giants or midgets? Who says?

So stand I say! Ridiculously … stand for all you’re worth … and be direct with your self and Selves: create, steal, invent, enjoy, abnegate, abolish, establish, declare. Take your meaning where you find it and share.


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