Digital Wheee!

the_Chinese_Dress_by_curry23 With our new digital broadcast television system I’ve enjoyed many more Spanish channels (I live in Houston) plus a free B Movie Channel plus … well … not much more qualitatively just more quantity. Oh! And the one Mandarin and the one Vietnamese channel I like to check out a few times a week.

Even when I’ve been on business trips staying at hotels with cable I realized it was the same thing; lots of quantity no real increase in quality.

This week I’ve observed how local digital broadcast downloads the program but only, ONLY, if you flip through the channels one at a time.

So… what’s the current difference between watching digital broadcast television and the Internet?

One difference in my reading/viewing habits is I get MUCH more of my material from my local library. I buy far fewer books and dvds and go to far fewer movies. It’s a filter for what to take time taking in. Obviously the dvds can be watched on my computer; also “television” screens are becoming computer screens. And hardcover books from Baen come with everything also on a CD on the back plus you can read their authors online for considerably less then buying the book. And Amazon has Kindel.. and.. and.. gah

Though I’ve not yet gone for the fancy PDA digital Cell Phone I know full well it’s in my future within the the next 1-5 years. After all I DO want to reach the African / Australian Outback before I depart this world.

In short… wheee!


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