What Is Feldenkrais?

vitruvianwoman Early this year I tried a couple sessions of something called Feldenkrais which is about body movement awareness. The first session blew me away as I went in worried about lower back pain from arthritis; that was addressed PLUS the soles of my feet while lying on my back: my body thought it was walking while I was lying on my back! When completed with the session, I walked around the room feeling, literally, really different; walking better, smoother, more conscious.

ANYway that was cool and I moved on and tHEn I got back in touch with a singing teacher (will more than that, really, a kind of body vocal coach) which got me interested in (I am not making this up) my “pelvic girdle” so I am going back to try some more Feldenkrais cos I found it it ties really well with vocal. After all, vocal is created with the body and air and movement. More on this as things develop!

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feldenkrais_Method


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