L.E. Modesitt Jr.


“When all the research, all the writing group support, all the cheerleading, and all the angst fade away, and they should, the bottom line is simple: As a writer, you first must entertain your readers. To keep them beyond a quick and final read, you have to do more than that, whether it’s to educate them, make them feel, anger them by challenging their preconceptions — or all of that and more. But if you don’t entertain first, none of what else you do matters, because they won’t stay around.” L.E. Modesitt interview with Writing.Raw

Modesitt is my favorite author – he entertains and he makes me think; about ecology, ethics, religion. And all the while his books are a heckuva’ good read. Almost like watching a chess match the characters and circumstances evolve.

I can’t tell if he’s for or against war, for or against religion, for or against commerce; instead he shows both sides. And he shows both sides with characters you identify with and want to succeed (and they do). Thus the good read… and the making you think… but in a good way!

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Yes, but you can tell he is for a greener planet. Especially if you look at the Forever Hero trilogy. I’m still waiting to read Haze. I usually go out and buy his books as soon as they come out but I’ve read too many negative comments about this book. They actually made me pause. Nonetheless, I will still read it.

    But, yes, I agree with your comments. He is also my favorite author and he has yet to disappoint and he has been consistently entertaining. My favorite of his since the FH is The Eternity Artifact – it was an amazing writing accomplishment (the multiple perspectives). I’ve not read any of his fantasy books as I got burnt out on fantasy a long time ago – I think the last one I read may have been a David Eddings book.

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