I Am Not Making This Up!

full-featured-data-center Home Theatre Systems? Pshaw, a thing of the (recent) past! Now it’s Home Data Centers!

We’ve got two active computers at home now (down from four, believe it or not); the Dining Room Computer aka Desktop, and the Kitchen Computer aka Laptop. (At this time the third computer aka New Laptop With Son In College is away.)

These are great computers still functional but with one flaw, 100 GB hard drives which routinely get close to maxxing out unless I back off files by burning them to 4GB DVD disks. Argh!

So today I found and picked up a Seagate 1TB external networkable hard drive. OMG! This thing’s capacity is five times larger than both computer drives combined and they can both use it AT THE SAME TIME!

*pokes thumbs under lapels self-importantly* So now I R A Data Center withum A TeraByte Server woot!

And it’s just the size of a popular novel BOOK: my daughter said, Aww t’s so CUTE! I know I know, there are bigger ones out there already but for 200 USD I just prolonged the life of two computers at least another 1-2 years AND my daughter and I can keep working on our media projects (in my case it’s Second Life stills and videos and in her case it’s Sims 2 and Sims 3 movies).

As a point of comparison, and I Am Not Making This Up: When I worked for Exxon Chemical years ago our first computer was an IBM XT with two 5.24” floppy disk drives. We were able to buy and install, and I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, a circuit-board-mounted hard disk drive that extended the use of these XT’s incredibly with a capacity of (IANMTU!): 10mb.

p.s. Yes I like the picture for its humor; No I am NOT installing my 1TB server in the bathroom… the dining room is just fine, thank you.


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