But wait, I can explain!

libra To help both my professional and home life, I consult my astrologer twice a year. But wait, I can explain!

I knew at age 15 that I wanted to have my own business. (Or at least, I knew I wanted to have my own cool business logo, because I kept painting them on model rockets.) I ended up working for an oil company first. But I never lost my interest in entrepreneurship and I kept taking classes in marketing, sales, and business. And I took seminars – MANY seminars – in the “soft stuff” like consulting, leadership, project management, vision, commitment, and self actualization. And I tested what I learned in after-hours, self-initiated, work-for-pay like designing and teaching night computer classes and designing and holding all-day strategic planning sessions for community projects.

And I discovered that both the hard and the soft techniques were necessary – and that, combined, they worked!

In the process of my more advanced (flaky, weird, on the edge) entrepreneurial training, I was referred to this wise, warm, wonderful person who was a practicing astrologer with a Ph.D. in psychology. How did a nice person like you end up in astrology, I asked? “Just lucky!”, they said. NO – actually they said, “I found traditional psychology to be very negative: focusing on ‘what’s wrong with you that we have to fix’. I found that astrology gave me a way to work with people that was more effective by being more positive and highlighting their strengths, while simply giving them guidelines for areas to watch out for.”

So my new assessment of astrology, based on the last 15 years of challenging but successful achievement, is this: Astrology is an additional, legitimate, methodology for team building, where you learn to identify and work with different temperaments. And, when working with an intelligent, intuitive, dual-trained practitioner, it works.


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