Government and People

imagery_body “That suggests… that an appearance of openness is required and that some matters be disclosed, not at all.”
“You’re suggesting effective government is hypocritical?”
“Isn’t it? Aren’t many effective aspects of society just accepted hypocrisy, such as good manners toward those one detests, being courteous to someone whose treatment of others leaves much to desired?” p. 149

“Life is akin to many things. Sometimes, it is a melody, sometimes a year with seasons, but when people are involved, it is most like a game of plaques. Some are able to play, while others are merely played. Always be the player. Except with [your partner]. Never play [your partner], and never suffer yourself to be played [by your partner].” p. 386

“People in every society in every time in every land want to believe that small groups of powerful people rule them secretly, even that such groups play people as though they were plaques in some arcane and complex game. While such games are played, they usually involve only a very few people at high levels, most all of whom know the rules of such games. The majority of the populace thinks such games are widespread because they cannot accept that bad things usually happen because of greed and stupidity, usually involving many people, if not the entire population of a land.” p. 398

Imager’s Challenge, L.E. Modesitt Jr, 2009


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