Trust, Control, And Technology

cyber_girl “Is the truth so terrible? Most people with power always say they trust people, and what they mean is that they only trust them so long as they control them. True trust occurs only when you have no control.”
”I’d rather have control.”
”We all would… but even that’s an illusion a lot of the time. Control is not what it seems.” pp. 288-289

“Technology allows, in most cases, comparative abundance. Comparative abundance means that the powerful and greedy can amass power and goods without starving substantial chunks of society to death – in some societies, anyway. Sometimes, it just leads to the technological society being more merciful to its own underclass while exploiting the light out of some other society. Technology doesn’t make people better. Sometimes, though, it mitigates their cruelties.” p. 536

Fall of Angels, L.E. Modessitt, Jr., 1996


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