World Wide… Webinar!

verio_ntt_logo I just tried a “Verio OnDemand Webinar” and liked it. It was convenient, timely, free, and lasted exactly one hour.

The webinar covered Marketing Tactics and was sponsored by Verio web services company. It was simple and it worked. 

At the appointed time I clicked the link sent by email and was connected within minutes. Perfect meeting management: started on time, ended on time. There were a moderator and three presenters speaking on audio. Slides were clear and visible on screen. Each presenter spoke for a few minutes.

The material was good and the presenters connected their discussion to what other presenters had said. Participants could submit questions throughout the webinar by using a chat box. The moderator read out the questions at the end for presenters’ replies and discussion. All my questions were answered.

There was a short pitch to be a Verio customer but the pitch was unobtrusive and the content was well worth the pitch. Good job all!


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