MetaMeets Internet Conference Opens Registration

metameets_logo_white_714x318 “The MetaMeets 2010 Internet Conference opens just as the 2009 movie “Avatar” has introduced the general public to the idea of virtual environments. The conference, like the movie, is a bridge for people to see what’s possible in a way that begins to draw them to virtual as well as real life. The conference will be available May 7th-8th in both Live and Virtual formats.”


  • MetaMeets 2010 follows its successful inaugural conference last year in Amsterdam, Holland. “Metameets” appeared as a Top Ten Twitter Trending Topic on three separate occasions.
  • There were 140 Million active virtual world users in 2008, projected to increase to 2 Billion by end-2013.
  • The 2009 movie “Avatar” is the first film to reach 2 Billion USD worldwide and has been nominated for nine Oscar Nominations .
  • MetaMeets presentations, discussions, and networking activities will be streamed from the live location to virtual environments and will include participation from virtual attendees.
  • The Digital Hub is an Irish Government initiative to create an international centre of expertise for knowledge, innovation and creativity focused on digital content and technology enterprises.
  • For program, registration, and travel information see the conference website at

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