warbreaker image “It’s complicated, Your Grace. Returned aren’t just gods – they’re men who died, but who decided to come back and offer blessings and knowledge. After all, only one who has died can have anything useful to say about the other side.”

“True, I suppose.”

“The thing is, Your Grace, Returned aren’t meant to stay. We extend their lives, giving them extra time to bless us. But they’re really only supposed to remain alive as long as it takes them to do what they need to.”

“Need to? That seems rather vague.”

“Returned have… goals. Objectives which are their own. You knew of yours before you decided to come back, but the process of leaping across the Iridescent Wave leaves the memory fragmented. Stay long enough, and you’ll remember what you came to accomplish. ” p. 128

“You can’t control everything. But if you can control how people regard you, then you can find a place in this mess. And once you have that, you can begin to influence the factions. Should you want to.” p. 292

Warbreaker, 2009. Brandon Sarenson

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