Sitearm’s Shared Media Catalog

sitearms_shared_media_catalog_screenshot I blush to mention it but YAY!!! I just completed the SL Pro! conference and my entry for Shared Media won a prize (see picture and below.)

Prizes were awarded for Shared Media, Full Build, Limited Prim, and Linden Homes. The conference will remain open another week for registered participants and then will be open to the public for a week after that.

The theme of my inworld exhibit was to explore a catalog of different media. Enjoy!

1. BLOG – “Sitearm Madonna”
    Fully interactive
2. WEBSITE IN 4D – “SP Exposition”
    Each of the four faces displays a different page of the site
    Interactivity includes traffic “heat map” display
    Communication includes working “contact us” email form
3. FLIGHT – “Electric Oyster”
    Click the moving display to guide your plane left or right!
4. PLANETS – “Texas A&M”
    Animated physics demonstration of earth, moon, sun
5. SLIDESHOW – “Sitearm’s V2 Shared Media”
    Click the bottom arrows to advance a page
6. TESSARACT – “Wikipedia”
    GIF animated mathematics demonstration of 4D object
7. VIDEO – “Dublin Virtually Live”
    Standard YouTube video
    Click to type a message!
9. WEBSITE in 2D – “MetaMeets 2010”
    Fully interactive



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