Haze by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

Haze is layered, complex, satisfying, and, like all L.E. Modesitt’s works, thought provoking. Amazon Book Review http://ping.fm/M2jsH

“The Sino-Fed mandarins had learned the lessons of history. Let the market system allocate resources, and make sure everyone has the minimum for bare comfort, but ensure that excessive uses or waste required extraordinarily high recompense. Equally important was the understanding that whoever controlled energy, communications, and water controlled society. Food could always be found, made, or stolen, and the same was true of weapons. Industrious and inventive humans could turn anything into a weapon.” pp. 46-47

“Is everyone here a philosopher?”
”Hardly. Just those who are good at what they do.” p. 77

“The longer a culture or society exists without external pressures or conflicts and the more successful it is in maintaining its institutions unchanged, the more likely the slightest pressure, even the pressure of knowledge, is likely to result in unplanned change. The speed of technological development is directly proportional to the true effectiveness of education and the markets and to the amount of resources behind the discovery and dissemination of knowledge, as well as being inversely retarded by the degree of governmental control and regulation.” p. 217


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