Way faster than I expected!

ten times the power image For those who follow Linden Lab and Second Life you’re now aware the New Viewer 2 is Official. It’s been in Public Beta for all of 2 weeks and suddenly now it’s Live.

I admire the um… balls… of Linden Lab going out this fast – seriously. I think that Mark Kingdon aka M Linden should be renamed “Runs With Scissors Linden.” In these days of Internet Time and dynamic change the only way to stay ahead is to – well run ahead with your innovations.

I’ve already posted about Viewer 2 but the Bottom Line is:

a) Viewer 2 takes as much time to learn as Viewer 1, BUT
b) Viewer 2 gives you Twice The Power of Viewer 1, AND
c) Viewer 2 gives you Ten Times As Much Promotional Power of Viewer 1.

And on that basis I applaud the decision to go live.

More Here:


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