Tree to Sky by Kourosh Dini aka Kourosh Eusebio

I first heard Dr. Kourosh Dini aka Kourosh Eusebio a few years back at the opening day of Dublin Virtually Live. He plays solo keyboard and he plays it well. I’m posting this video of his hands playing his original composition, Tree to Sky, so you can get a feel for how well he plays.

What’s intriguing to me about Kourosh is what I, as a novice, would call a full-balanced mindset – he’s incredibly intelligent (left brain) and incredibly intuitive (right brain). He knows the dark side and the light side (and don’t we all).

A practicing, credentialed, published psychiatrist in real life – he’s also a gifted, popular, widely listened to musician artist in Second Life. He’s also a technologist – writing about the benefits as well as the challenges of people spending time online, using synthesizer studio for his composition and performance work, and using a full web presence to communicate his art and messages.

At this point I’ll be quiet and let you listen to his video above. But if you’re intrigued, DO check out some of these other references and drop him a line or become a fan.


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