Avatar! Continued

Avatar Continued Image Brightened

A friend had shared with me their impressions of the movie, Avatar, so I sent them my post on, Given Time.

Their reactions were fascinating: “I read the whole thing and viewed it too. I could feel my perceptions stretching. I’ve been struggling here to find words to describe them…but it’s not going well. The closest I can come is that in some important way it extends the movie “Avatar”…and raises interesting questions about whether we exist out of context/relationship. There’s more…I just can’t articulate it.

When we don’t have the exact words for a new perception (and do we ever?), we turn to simile. trope, analogy, metaphor, humor, image, sculpture, taste, touch, sound. This sense of perceptions stretching, and not being able to articulate, is why the arts are so intriguing. I once took a course of instruction that asserted the existence of three infinites: Art, Community, Spirit. “What about Science and Engineering?” I asked. “Oh – those come under Art.”


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