Live and on the ground Dublin 2010!

Dublin Grafton Street Ham Rambler Arrived Dublin airport where Ham Rambler aka John Mahon (see picture on left) greeted me and zipped us into town. Proceeded to walk our legs off checking out the REAL Dublin landmarks, and I must say I felt like I’d been there in parts from the VIRTUAL Dublin. Walking into Trinity College Courtyard a peace descended on me, and we checked out the Book of Kells. Then to Gogarty’s, the model for the Blarney Stone in Second Life, best Irish Bar in Virtual Reality, where we had a Smithwicks red ale (pronounced Smiddicks don’t ask me why).

Later we hooked up with Rhianna and Berry just in from The Hague and gossiped, I mean discussed, key points of virtual digital environments. Rhianna’s a true believer and Berry’s a skeptic (aren’t we all sometimes!) but I persuaded him there’s development business to be made here and we swapped business cards.

I took a few pictures and put them on Flickr (see my Flickr link on the right of this blog). As usual I like candid scenes. A great time was had by all the first day and I then collapsed, coLAPsed, in my room at the Ellis Quay (pronounced “kee” don’t ask me why) and am now up again, sipping coffee and lining up today’s schedule.

Ah MetaMeets Dublin 2010 Mixed Reality Conference, travel and exploration are thy names!


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