A Brief History Of Ale

Dublin James Brazen Head PubIt’s day three in Dublin. I’ve had my first pint of Guinness beer, served, excuse me, pulled, at Ireland’s Oldest Pub, The Brazen Head, Est. 1198. This is an extremely important fact, Ham Rambler told me. “Look up what else happened around 1198,” Ham told me. So I did, and was I surprised.

Guess what happened back then? Yes, THE MIDDLE AGES happened back then. Just look at the things I found out.


    Sultan Saladin captures Jerusalem on October 6, 1187 AD.
    Richard the Lionheart succeeds Henry I as King of England on July 6, 1189 AD.
    The Brazen Head is founded in 1198
    The Kingdom of Cuzco is established by Inca ca. 1200 AD.
  • ASIA
    Timujin (Gengis Khan) is proclaimed Khan of all Mongols in 1206 AD.
    John I of England signs the Great Charter (Magna Carta) on June 15/18, 1215 AD.

From this brief record it can be seen, that the founding of the First Irish Pub triggered the Rise of the Incas and the Supremacy of the Mongols. Who Knew?!


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