MetaMeets 2010 Day One

MetaMeets - Jan Northoff, Sandra Lendorf

The Internet Wants And Needs A Third Dimension, Bigger Than Second Life. Mark Kingdon

The Web Is Not Flat. James Stibbards

MetaMeets, Europe’s Premiere 3D Internet Developer and Community Conference, was was held this year in Dublin, Ireland. Local and virtual speakers presented to a local, Dublin, and extended, online, audience.

I found the first day engaging, enthralling, and evocative nor was I alone, based on what I heard from other attendees. You can see the recorded live stream at: (Click on “Real Virtualities”)

Dublin Tom McDaniel Slim Warrior

MetaMeets Day One

Online Enabled Cities – We heard about Dublin Virtually Live from Ham Rambler aka John Mahon, Proprietor of Dublin Virtually Live;  and Gary Leyden, CEO of  VRising in Dublin. We heard about Germany in 3D from Jan Northoff aka January Lightfoot, Owner of Berlin 3D; and Sandra Lendorf aka Annie Milestone, Owner of Virtual Cologne.

The presentations were very well received, particularly in the interactive City Panel immediately following, moderated by Jolanda Mastenbroek-Dobber, where the audience was able to ask evocative questions and receive immediate and thoughtful responses.

Jonathan Nimoff presented Rezzable showcase projects and strategies. Much thought and reflection were evident in the talk. It was received very well and I heard many positive comments at the evening reception.

Conference Keynotes were bookended by Robin Harper, former Marketing VP for Sim City and Second Life at one end; and Mark Kingdon aka M Linden, CEO Linden Lab – Second Life, at the other end; with Philip Linden, Founder of Second Life in the middle. The presentations were marvelously complementary. These are “The Big Three” when it comes to online enabled community and digital virtual environments.

  • Robin Harper made a point-to-point comparison of strengths and weaknesses of Facebook and Second Life for enabling online communities. She articulated the issue, “What is a killer app for 3D Web.” Among other things, she suggested the killer app may simply be sharing and pictures.
  • Mark Kingdon, with two years under his belt as CEO, communicated a clear message of ownership, enthusiasm, purpose, and direction of “whither Linden Lab and Second Life.” Stepping into Philip’s original leadership role was a “tough row to hoe” for Mark and with his two-year anniversary, he’s clearly arrived. Mark articulated three current myths about Second Life that he’d inadvertently helped create, such as “consumers are favored over developers.” He promptly debunked the myths, and moved straight to the “new EMERGING realities” of 3D Web. He then made my most favorite evocative and representative declaration of the conference so far: “The Internet Wants And Needs A Third Dimension, Bigger Than Second Life.” Now THAT’s prognosticating you can believe in!
  • Philip Rosedale reviewed state for his new visionary initiative, The Love Machine, which seeks to explore / reinvent how people work together and how minds and computers can network to create a new intelligence bigger than all of us.

Ian Hughes aka ePredator Potato “took us out of the box,” pointing out and showing us that our concept of 3D Web is still “puppets in a puppet box,” and suggesting some new directions of augmented reality for us to engage with.  His was one of the most-liked presentations.

James Stibbards aka JB Hancroft gave a brilliant summary of the “state of play” of online and 3D Web. He gave my second most favorite declaration and metaphor of the day, “The Web Is Not Flat.”  “We are where Columbus was centuries ago, convincing people that “The World Is Not Flat.”

Justin Bovington reviewed state, successes to date, and plans forward for his Immersive Workspaces 3D Web corporate online meeting service.

Paul McDonagh-Smith took us behind the scenes to the corporate boardroom of Avaya, reviewing their plans for the newly acquired Web Alive product originally developed by Nortel.

Day One Summary

  • Identifying and pulling in ALL the “stakeholders” of online enabled cities, including owners, visitors, and real world city fathers, mothers, and enterprises.
  • The Web Is Not Flat.
  • The Internet Wants And Needs A Third Dimension Bigger Than Second Life.

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