The Nine Team Roles

belbin_image Coordinator – Should be best person to co-ordinate group effort; ensure that everyone has a useful role and team works towards common and agreed goal.

Shaper – Should be person best suited to overcome obstacles and opposition; create a sense of urgency and ensure that talk is turned into worthwhile action.

Plant Should do most problem solving or be responsible for generating new strategies or ideas and proposing solutions to rest of team.

Monitor Evaluator – Should be responsible for ensuring all worthwhile options are considered; needs a key role in planning; an arbiter in event of controversy.

Resource Investigator – Should be responsible for developing outside contacts and exploring new opportunities; needs a chance to conduct negotiations but must report back to group.

Team Worker – Should play a floating role, using versatile qualities to help with features of work that others cannot manage. Should use diplomatic skills to overcome conflict.

Implementer – Should be appointed organiser, responsible for procedures and practical steps to be taken once team reaches significant decisions.

Completer Finisher – Should ensure team’s work meets necessary deadlines and conforms to highest standards. Responsible for ensuring no inaccuracies or errors.

Specialist – Should provide focus on technical issues confronting team; should provide knowledge and techniques in short supply.

Reference: Belbin Team Analysis


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