A Psychological Explanation Of Why Familiarity In Music Matters Especially If You’re One (A Musician)

Basic CMYK Teddi and Kourosh have done it again – taken a perfectly reasonable question such as, “Why do people like musicians better when they first hear them play OTHER musicians’ more familiar works first?” and actually explained an answer that makes sense but you’d have never thought of in a million years.

In this case the answer is “quantum.” No, I tell a lie, the answer is “brain waves.” OK, that’s still not quite it, but it’s something about the brain, I remember that for sure, so all I can say is, go read it quick at http://freeplayvl.wordpress.com/2010/05/20/covers-matter/!

P.S. Of course, Kourosh brings in neuroscience, being a doctor as well as musician; and Teddi brings in licensing, being a venue owner as well as writer.


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