Generational Mash Up in Culture Space (Or: How My Daughter Changed My Music Appreciation)

fergie image This multi-generational thing in work and culture space is turning out OK – the old and new have more in common than we think!

I recently wrote about “generational differences in the work place.” The point was that there are FOUR different generations now at work, often sitting right next to each other. This makes for an interesting variety in motivation, recognition, and management.

I propose a new topic about “generational preferences in culture space,” because I, a so-called Boomer, and my daughter, a so-called Millennial, have more in common in our music interests than I would have predicted. I mean, she likes old and new music both; and now I, who never got farther than Mozart as a teen, like new music too.

From Vacuum Tube to Camcorder

Two technologies have brought generations closer together in Culture Space: Radio and YouTube. Could there be two better examples of old vs. new technologies that mash up perfectly in today’s world?

For years I noted with interest that my daughter likes 70’s rock. As well she might, with my wife playing it as the Standard Channel in HER car. In fact, my daughter knows all those 70’, 80’s. and 90’s songs a bazillion percent more than I do.

My daughter also likes classical music, which is the Standard Channel in MY car. She likes classical because, well, she’s in band and orchestra and they play stuff like that. She plays percussion, and likes Gustav Holtz’s The Planets because, “The Jupiter movement has a really cool Timpani part.”

How My Daughter Changed My Music Appreciation

Anyway, the other day, idly switching around on MY car radio, I heard this really neat song I liked that I’d never heard before, by some artist I’d never heard of before. It was catchy, energetic, well sung, about boy girl and love and all that stuff, but I LIKED it. It energized me. Wow!

So I asked my daughter about that station, and she said, oh yes, she listens to that all the time too. We then spent an hour on YouTube where she showed me more new music songs and videos that she and her friends like. I was introduced to … Lady Gaga (good lord!), Taylor Smith (aww, cute… :) ), Fergie (gulp), and more. I admit I had heard of some of these artists by name, but I had never heard them perform. And… I liked them. Good Heavens!

It tickles my funny bone that my daughter and I both appreciate Imma Be and Bohemian Rhapsody as equal favorites in music performance. So, I think this whole multi-generational thing in work and culture space is turning out well for us – the so-called old and new have more in common than we think. It certainly introduces much-appreciated new energy into the older folks like me.

P.S. It transpired that the song and artist I heard were I’m Yours by Jason Mraz.


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