Pooky Amsterdam Web TV Quiz Show – The First Question

the 1st question image Yes, there are now Web TV Quiz Shows, like The 1st Question, and Web TV Stations, like Treet TV.

I never heard of Pooky Amsterdam until this year. And now I’ve bumped into her four times that I can count:
. First, she produced the Linden Lab Viewer 2 Training Videos.
. Second, at my suggestion, *smirks proudly* she applied for, and was accepted into, the Linden Lab Solution Provider Program.
. Third, she appeared as Virtual Media Panelist at the MetaMeets 2010 Dublin 3D Internet Conference.
. Fourth, for revenge, she dragged me kicking and screaming (well, sort of) to appear as a panelist on HER Web TV Game Show, The 1st Question.

Pooky Snapshot – The Artist As A Young Avatar

Pooky is an intensely creative artist and the “P” in her name might as well stand for Passion. She’s a skilled producer and writer and I don’t know what all else, yet. I asked her about her chosen last name, Amsterdam, and she reminded me that she lives and works in New York, “which, as we ALL know, was first founded as New Amsterdam!” So far, I have not dared to ask about her chosen first name, Pooky.

Speaking of Amsterdam, I would swear Pooky has a Dutch-derived accent of some sort, but you’ll have to listen for yourself. Whatever it is, she has a very characteristic speaking style. Her voice alone is enough to keep your attention, never mind the intriguing projects and inspirations she shares. Speaking of knowing a lot of stuff, she gave me a Walt Disney quote about education and entertainment that I’d never heard of before, that I immediately HAD to Tweet.

How I Spent My Tuesday Night

The 1st Question is a Web TV Quiz Show presented live in Second Life once a week. It is taped by Treet TV and made available online. Yes, there are now Web TV Quiz Shows, like The 1st Question, and Web TV Stations, like Treet TV.

The 1st Question – get this – makes science fun and interesting. Panelists have to pick an element from the Periodic Table that they identify with, and then explain why. Fortunately, two of us were allowed to pick elements “not of this Earth” (Kryptonite and Ice-Nine).

Well, there was more than just the Periodic Table, let me tell you. I mean, you have to STUDY for this show. We had to appear in the studio 90 minutes early for Sound Check, Lip Check, No Touching Your Mike Check, and more. Actually, this prep work appealed to me because, as all the best producers know, “When the logistics are impeccable, the event is transformational!” (yes, you may Tweet that). Panelists and audience were all well cared for by host Pooky, co-host Hydra Shaftoe, and producer Petlove Petshop.

I have to admit that, for a science themed quiz show, The 1st Question is more fun than serious. I mean, I don’t know when I last had a chance to make corny jokes about Bucky Balls, which, as we ALL know, are not someone’s tentacles [sic] but a Very Serious Molecule. Also, don’t get me started on Pooky’s pun about EinsTIME (who, as we ALL know, invented the famous formula, E=H2O). We also learned about AI and Copernicus and Artificial Life and other stuff that I now forget, except for the Bucky Balls.

Although there WERE points awarded, and although I was NOT the winner, I DID receive the award for Most Likely To Give My Teacher An Ulcer. No, wait, that was another show. Actually, I was named Most Congenial. No, wait… Well, they said that some of the answers I gave were … remarkable. So there.

Strategic Analysis

I was very intrigued with The 1st Question. Being of a certain age, and a fan of NPR radio, I kept thinking of quiz shows where there’s a tad of wry intellect and fun humor in the exchange (Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Says Who, To Tell The Truth). Even though it’s Web TV, I think you could simply listen to and thoroughly enjoy The 1st Question, say, while you were Tweeting or Blogging or doing something similarly low intensity like Studying For Finals.

The taped shows are posted online, so you can watch and listen at your convenience. In FACT, *ka ching* if you want to watch or hear the show I was in, and who wouldn’t?, the link is below. And speaking of Pooky’s ability to get anybody on her show, she had M Linden on just a few weeks ago as well. You can listen to him AFTER you listen to me, of course *coff*. Either way, give Pooky and The 1st Question a listen! For latest show information or to suggest a panelist, send an IM to her Second Life account, Pooky Amsterdam.



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