Response to Linden Lab Focus Change Announcement

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“You can’t use truth – truth uses you.”

In this case, the truth is that lab revenue comes from tier – something like 3 million USD/month, plus a small but pure profit contribution from Lindex. Corporate purchases of sims are a drop in the lab revenue bucket compared to the multiple 50+ sim operations running land rentals, which operations are owned by residents and resident-owned small companies.

In talking this over with some of my colleagues and clients, the consensus is that this layoff/refocus is a GOOD move, “our world” wise. Yes, I agree, it’s hard on the laid off – been there, done that, been done that.

But the impact on all of us who use the SL digital virtual environment for education, fun, play, and supplemental income is minimal FOR NOW. By cutting back on new development and focusing solely on the two true marketables (private island growth, user base growth), the lab can make SL something, well, marketable as in sell it to someone. That someone can then decide whether to invest in new development work.

In the meantime, SL staying available “as is” for the next 1-2 years is important for the overall growth of digital virtual environments. The Wright Brothers were not the first ones to invent airplanes, they just got partial credit. As some poet said, the spirit of humankind wanted there to be Flight. In this case, the spirit of humankind wants there to be 3D Web. Also, have an Open Sim project going somewhere.

What LL does best is provide a service for the rest of us to build on. There was never anything wrong with LL developers and advocates, except that there could never be as many of them as there are NON-LL developers and advocates. The best lab programs I’ve associated with are those that cultivate, and continue to cultivate, good relations with us.

I can’t say the above summary is 100% right – I’d say it’s about 80%. My thanks to my colleagues and clients with whom I talk directly, and the Most Excellent Lady Gwyneth whom I read ;)

Linden Lab Lays Off 30 Percent Of Staff
[Reset] and do a 180º turn, Gwyneth Llewelyn


2 Responses to “Response to Linden Lab Focus Change Announcement”

  1. Markopolis Balhaus Says:

    I think this is 100 per cent right.

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