PR, Subordinates, Youth, Aesthetics, GNP

east is east emma lathen Every PR man knows he should keep the attention on his client. p. 18

A wise subordinate lets his superior run out of valuable suggestions before advancing his own. p. 72

Youth provides the vitality that starts a man along the road. By the time he arrives, the dewy look is usually gone. p. 74

“The child has to understand that he’s part of a web that is connected to everyone with whom he has a social relationship,” she said slowly. “Sometimes he gives to that web and sometimes he takes from it, but his actions always have to maintain the web. He can’t rush off to gratify his own wishes when it means ripping the web to pieces.” p. 134

A magnificent bouquet was reflected in a gilt mirror. Its profusion of color, variety, and form was a tribute to the English cutting garden and an offense to every Japanese aesthetic standard. p. 232

Murder and embezzlement, like the promise of youth, are ephemeral. The gross national product of Japan is not. p. 268

East is East, Emma Lathen, 1991


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