Conversation, Parenthood, Observing, Movements, Accounting, Resiliency, Wisdom

brewing up a storm emma lathen Most conversations, stripped of the immediacy of participation, were unbelievably boring, repetitive, and disconnected. p. 34

“That’s the name of the game – different ways of saying the same thing create different impressions.” p. 68

“Nowadays, Mr. Thatcher, all mothers have to accept the fact that, from the day school starts, they don’t know what their children are up to.” p. 128

“You’ve got to realize that most people don’t notice details at all, they just get a general impression.” pp. 137-138

“There are always plenty of people who endorse the goals of a movement but who don’t take an active part. They’re the ones who’ll sign.” p. 150

Corporate accounts are called books for a very good reason. Like all books they tell a story.” p. 177

“When you take a hit, Harry, you don’t just stand there and bleed. You’ve got to turn it to an advantage.” p. 199

But situations change, and wise men change with them. p. 200

Brewing Up a Storm, Emma Lathen, 1996


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