Favicons and Mobiles

archicon flipped And it’s not just for US.

Favicons are those cute little icons you see when you go to a website – they’re up there on the URL or Tab line. I learned about them from Kaimi Kyomoon. They are miniaturized images 16 pixels by 16 pixels in size, so you really, really, really have to learn to be minimalist in transforming, say, a photograph of the Grand Canyon to a recognizable mini image.

At the same time we’re fascinated lately with mobile technology – cell phones, personal digital assistants, GPS’s, iPads. While we still use desktops, laptops, and notebooks, they are just not going to cut it anymore when we have Blackberry, iPhone 4, Droid, and the like coming at us. These require miniaturized websites in order to see and click ‘em on the phone – excuse me, mobile device – screens.

So it occurs to me that Favicons and Mobiles have a common theme – miniaturization in size while still increasing net function. The size is going down but you can still squeeze the same function into a smaller, more easily carried package. Along with this, wireless internet is becoming more and more available worldwide. In fact there’s a prediction (perhaps it’s almost a fact?) that wireless mobile devices will exceed computers in terms of numbers in the hands of, and connecting, the worldwide population. It sure rings true (hahaha get it?) for me.

Already I get emails from my friendly technical services about how to make miniature websites for mobile devices. And there are friendly services for making miniature images. For now I am practicing making Favicons, learning how to create those miniature representations of logos and pictures that somehow get the image across. Then we’ll see about websites for mobile devices.

I know I am not alone. Wow…. what if Second Life were available on iPad – or at least an iPad type device? And what device will dominate for reading online versus via books?

This is all happening in our lifetime – yours and mine, traditional, boomer, gen X, millennial – and it’s not just for US.


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