Dr. John Jamison – Why use Second Life for education? Dublin Institute of Technology Online Campus, Dublin Virtually Live

virtual and physical connection space diagram So now we ask, why use Second Life for education?

This is so cool it needs a diagram to go with the explanation. “Why use Second Life for education” was a presentation-within-a-presentation given to the Midwestern Unit IV “Technology as a Second Language” conference in Grove City, Pennsylvania.

The meta presentation was Scott Powner’s Conference Keynote. Mr. Powner is Director of Technology, Unit IV, which serves some 60 school districts including teachers, administrators, and education board members. The embedded presentation was Dr. John Jamison speaking to the Unit IV live audience as an avatar from within the Dublin Virtually Live DIT Campus (see diagram at left).

Attending were 15 avatars in SL and 100 live participants in PA. Only one of the hundred in PA had ever heard of Second Life. Luckily, Dr. Jamison had had the same experience – first saw SL presented at a meeting and from there learned more – so he tailored his presentation to speak directly to the audience: why it helps education; the simple steps needed to get started. Powner reports that the presentation was well received (see transcript link below) and that he now has a small group of teachers that will sign up for Second Life to check things out.

vb talk 01TRANSCRIPT, PICTURES, PODCAST – Dr. John Jamison – Why use Second Life for education? 12-Jul-2010 Dublin Virtually Live


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