rock statue paladin

A paladin is a knight – which has associations of champion, protector, warrior, valiancy, and among other things, chess.

In chess the knight has perhaps the most complicated move – in order for it to cover the board it has to do a lot of complex maneuvering. The knight reigns supreme in popular culture from King Arthur to Charlemagne to Richard Boone in Have Gun – Will Travel.

This rock statue happened to remind me of a paladin (see the horse head in the top stone). Completely serendipitous, of course. I did not even see the resemblance until AFter I had taken the picture with my cell phone cam and sent it to my email and then viewed and image edited it.

A knight can be a man or a woman (think of Joan of Arc). A knight has connotations of being so forthright and square that they can be taken advantage of. A knight needs a faithful squire who is perhaps a little more worldly to best succeed (think of Sancho Panza to Don Quixote or for that matter Baba Looey to Quick Draw McGraw).

So what are you – a valiant knight, a worldly squire, or a little bit of both?


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