The dark side of social networking

tree_52rotate_mosaic OK let’s admit it – there is a dark side to social networking. Despite our best intentions to be open-minded and interface with a variety of points of view, there are some… well… CRAZY people out there. So, despite the counsel of various saints and messiahs, “turning the other cheek” is not always an option.

In that case we need SECURITY TO THE BRIDGE, STAT! I remember visiting a new acquaintance, once, at their home. It was on OK home. A bachelor home. But no problem, been there, done that. But when they proudly brought out their revolver (omg omg a gun) – well, I suddenly remembered an urgent engagement elsewhere and took my leave.

Not that I’m against guns – it was just not the right… context.

I am not against craziness, either. I suspect that genius is often confused for insanity. It’s just that it takes a lot of experience to tell the difference. And even if someone is a Grade A Certified Genius, that person is not always someone you want to associate with, “at this time.”

So… we need not only open mindedness, but a handy exit strategy to use when things get a teENsy bit weird.

When it comes to social networking, the benefits usually outweigh the risks. Thank goodness for online communication prior to physical visiting!

But even so… you have to keep a wary eye out for the cases where, for YOU at least, the risks just got a mite scarier. What’s valuable is keeping track… and open-minded… and a due regard for safety.


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