Wants, Enemies, Power, Diplomacy

deceiver_cj_cherryh Some people like you to do them favors. Some people like you to ask them favors. The one wants things. The other wants power. You can read people by that. p. 170

“When we say baji-naji, it does not mean ‘accident.’ It means two powers at work: without flux in the universe, this ship could not move, and we would be like statues, always the same.” p. 297

“When you want to take an enemy in your hand, provide him an exit. And continue to control it.” p. 298

Was he truly brilliant as rumor said or in some degree lucky? Was he, if brilliant, a tactician or a strategist? Brilliant in near-term results – or in long-range planning? p. 315

The next thing was to make sense to someone from a very different region and bearing a centuries-old resistance to everything he represented. It could be done.  All of diplomacy was founded on the notion it could be done. p. 322

Deceiver, C.J. Cherryh, 2010


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