Rose Cafe and Lakeview Park

Lorain Lakeview Park 1 Aug 2010 I visited family today and had the nicest brunch at the Rose Cafe in Lakeview Park, on the shore of Lake Erie.

The park is in Lorain, Ohio, just west of Cleveland. We ate while looking at a gorgeous view of the lake and beach, watching kids and seagulls running about. One gal was sunbathing in the middle of a circle of gulls, who all kept a respectful 20 foot distance. Then the noon whistle blew (figuratively), signaling the start of swim time, and the lifeguards came out with their gear and the kids got in the water.

It was a wonderful, relaxing experience chatting and looking. Two things struck my fancy:
. Who knew that you could get an excellent breakfast burrito, with salsa, in Ohio?
. Who knew that you could swim, safely and happily, in Lake Erie?

Lorain Lakeview Park 2 Aug 2010

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