My SLCC 2010 Field Trip Report – Pictures

Here are pictures with notes from this year’s Second Life Community Convention 2010 in Boston. For more pictures see the SL Convention Website.


SLCC Boston Arts 
1. Arts
I was delighted, first up, to meet Arts people CJ Ross (SL: Winter Nightfire) and Jeffrey Lipsky (SL: Filthy Fluno), who converted one of the presentation rooms into an art studio and drew pastels and mixed media and whatnot throughout the conference for sale to benefit the nonprofit, Virtual Ability. (And yes, I donated: just ask Winter.)

SLCC Boston Business
2. Business 
Saturday, I was room greeter for the Enterprise & Business Track. Up first was Joseph Jaquinta (SL: Jaymin Carthage) to present “How IBM uses virtual worlds.” All the Saturday morning first presenters got bumped an hour by Philip Rosedale’s surprise appearance, live, to give his keynote. The presenters were magnificent and rolled with the flow.

SLCC Boston Community
3. Community
Saturday afternoon, I ran next door to the Community Track to hear John Mahon (SL: Ham Rambler) present on “We are all connected.” I received permission to hand over my room greeter post, for one hour, from Task Master, I mean Track Moderator, Mary Ellen Gordon (SL: Pebbles Hanya). (I was a brilliant room greeter, by the way: just ask Pebbles.)

SLCC Boston Fashion
4. Health & Support
Walking back, I peeked into the Health & Support Track where Katherine Mancuso (SL: Muse Carmona) was presenting on “Virtual support networks for women with disabilities.” I loved her outfit and told her so at lunch. (To be honest, I thought I had been in the Fashion Track until I looked her up for this post.)

SLCC Boston Keynote
5. Keynote
Saturday morning, as mentioned, was the keynote presentation by Philip Rosedale (SL: Philip Linden) on “Whither Second Life and Linden Lab.” OK, that was not the official title but that was definitely the gist. Philip said a lot of good stuff on stage, but what we talked about later at lunch (see below) was physics, intelligence, and communication ; )

SLCC Boston Live Music
6. Live Music
Sunday lunch we were entertained by Jean Munro who has a set of pipes (voice) that won’t quit and a mastery of the keyboard to match. They aren’t kidding when they call her The Song Bird! Between gigs, Jean is Music Director at an Undisclosed Location Somewhere in the United States.

The rest of these pictures are various Notables (notable to me!) including friends, colleagues, acquaintances. See the captions for names and if I need to fix or add anything, let me know.

SLCC Boston Lunch Ayesha Tamra et al
7. Ayesha, Tamra, et al

SLCC Boston Lunch Delby Prokofy et al
8. Delby, Prokofy, et al

SLCC Boston Lunch Philip Pooky et al
9. Annabelle, Philip, Pooky, et al

SLCC Boston Lunch Prokofy Rhiannon Peter Fleep
10. Prokofy, Rhiannon, Peter, Fleep

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One Response to “My SLCC 2010 Field Trip Report – Pictures”

  1. Mary Ellen Gordon Says:

    You were a brilliant room greeter and spearheaded an equally brilliant panel discussion so I’ll forgive you for calling me a task master (I just hope you’re not giving people the wrong idea about the parts of SL I spend time in ;))

    I really encourage everyone to listen to the recording of your session. There was great feedback about it from people who saw it live — especially how it highlighted the underlying commonalities that bring us together even if we do hang out in different parts of SL.

    Mary Ellen / Pebbles

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