Geek Comics

user friendly

Yes, there are comics about guys and gals obsessed with computers (geeks), online, on the internet, of course! I’ve discovered three favorites so far. These have also been collected into *gasp!* printed books. Enjoy!

User Friendly by JD is about the adventures of a Canadian Internet Service Provider with a fun cast of boss, web designer, help desk tech, old programmer, young programmer, boss, evil accountant, marketing tart, and intelligent robots. There’s also an evil programmer plotting to take over the world, and a love interest between the old programmer’s daughter and the (clueless) web designer. Also, fun Evil Elder Ones right out of HP Lovecraft.

joy of tech

Joy of Tech by Nitrozac and Snaggy is a vector graphic production that is Apple-centric. Nerds, babes, cats, and famous people feature prominently in JOT.


Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet by Peter Zale is about a liberated fem geek whom Bill Gates and others are always chasing but not convincing to join them. A genius and network administrator and programmer par excellence, she deals with everyday people everyday. And to add a little spice there’s a love interest too.



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