Arwenone, Digital Artist

faded wall thumbnail by arwenone

Viewers channel meaning into the images they see.

One of my favorite artists is Arwenone, whose work is featured in Renderosity, the online digital art community.

Viewers channel meaning into the images they see. The first of Arwenone’s works that caught my eye was her portrait, Face IV (see first picture below). Face IV strikes me as a kind of artistic Medusa, captured live, creating reality with her gaze. Medusa was a scary being and a powerful one.

Most recent is, Charmed (see second picture below). The work is beautiful, striking, and eye catching. Charmed uses color, arrangement, surprise, and detail to roll the viewer directly into the subject gaze.

The online galleries of Renderosity are rich with images of men, women, stories, and details by talented digital artists like Arwenone. The beauty of their work is breathtaking and, someday, if we are lucky, their artistry will be as readily available for 3D Web characters as they are for 2D.

For more see Arwenone’s Online Gallery.

Face IV by Arwenone, © 2005
Charmed by Arwenone, © 2010

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