Michael Eisner – Fame Town & Partnerships – an UP Experience Post

Michael Eisner

It’s pure entertainment.

I heard Michael Eisner today at the Houston Unique Perspectives Conference 2010. Among other highlights he mentioned his new Fame Town game coming November 1st on Facebook.

“You get to emulate an aspiring Hollywood star who moves to California and starts as a waitress or waiter. Get a screen test! Get into ‘B’ movies. Get into ‘A’ movies. Become a star!”

I asked Mr. Eisner if Fame Town were entertainment or “edutainment.” He gave a wry smile and said, “I’d like to claim it’s edutainment but, really, it’s pure entertainment.”

Good enough for me! And it gives us a whole new game to look into.

OK… Now to other stuff. I was struck, listening to Michael’s presentation, how I felt throughout, listening to him, a sense of authenticity.

I had read his biography years ago. For those who don’t know, Eisner has been CEO of ABC, Paramount, and Disney in his varied career. And he has brought each of them substantively forward.

In his presentation, Michael shared his stories and lessons learned. He particularly spoke to the power of partnerships.

First, there are domestic partnerships, i.e., with one’s spouse or significant other. Second, there are professional partnerships.

Professionally, people in their 20’s-40’s, a traditionally competitive age, have had to learn to work together for the greater good of their shared enterprise. And their working together ended up helping each of them, personally, as well as the enterprise.

Eisner shared his principle of “creativity in a box,” meaning, combining Art with Boundaries. “Most iconic individuals have a strong partner. For Disney, Walt was the art and Roy was the boundary.” He also spoke to recognizing and eliminating envy, the #1 factor that can kill a successful partnership

This presentation moved me deeply. Here is an accomplished individual who has been to the wars, succeeded, and come back. He has seen the power of partnerships personally. He has taken this on as a lifelong study and become determined to share his perspective with us and future generations.

All of us received a copy of his book, Working Together. In a word… awesome!


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