David Pogue and the App Phone – an UP Experience Post

david-pogue A phone, a computer, and a gyroscope walk into a bar…

David Pogue, who writes a weekly technology column for the New York Times,  spoke on latest developments in mobile devices at The UP Experience in Houston last week.

Instead of calling the iPhone and Droid “smart phones,” he suggested, they might better be called, App Phones. The features that distinguish App Phones (see table below) are the addition of Touch Screen, Location-sensing GPS, and Rotation-sensing Gyroscope (Accelerometer).

These added capabilities make possible many new applications in one new device, without losing access to applications already made available on older devices. This possibility for expansion attracts application developers, who can sell useful apps and applets for as little as one dollar apiece and still become rich.

Hence, App Phone.

Features that Distinguish App Phones from Cell Phones and Laptops

Item Cell Phone Laptop App Phone
Microphone, speaker, camera, voice, text X X X
Radio connection to public telephone network X X
Wi-Fi Internet connection to public telephone network X X
Wi-Fi Internet connection X X
3G Radio Internet connection   X
Touch screen X
GPS location sensor X
Gyroscope rotation sensor (accelerometer) X



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