Random Island – an Is One Life Enough Post

I just had the most delightful visit with Randy Burt, co-owner of Random Island in Second Life. This island is chock-full of interesting stuff and it changes every several months.

I found Random Island by opening Search and typing in “random,” not expecting anything in particular. And lo, there is a place called Random Island. So I teleport there.

I land immediately in the middle of a Haunted Halloween Cornfield, with animated skeleton scarecrows drifting all around me, accompanied by intermittent background screams. Yikes! So I escape the cornfield and find a Little Red Schoolhouse, and a Farm Barn with Cows. They’re kinda’ cute. Then, sweet mercy, I see a Train Track (I LOVE train tracks!) and follow it – sure enough, it goes ALL OVER THE ISLAND. But where, oh where are the trains?

Well, no one is there, so I think, I’ll just leave a message. I click a track to see who owns it – hmm… “Randy Burt” – fine.  I send Randy a Friend Request and before I can send an IM to go with it, he Accepts! I IM him saying, this is cool! He IMs me asking, are you there? I send, yes. He sends, TP me!

Poof! Randy’s Avatar materializes and we say hello. Then Randy shows me all ‘round Random Island. We ride the trains, then take a canoe ride, then drive clown cars (little teeny things your avatar folds up into and drives), and finally climb to the top of the Lighthouse to get a scenic view of the sim and chat. He uses the sim and schoolhouse to entertain and home school his kids. They’re currently studying US Presidents. Clever man!

By using Search and, so to speak, casting a random throw of the dice for a place to visit in Second Life, I found a friendly and talented resident with an amazing space in which to play and learn. Kudos to Random Island!


One Response to “Random Island – an Is One Life Enough Post”

  1. Stiv Says:

    Cooool!! I live there :) lol

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